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Donna M.

I never felt like I had "a thing" and then Buti came into my life. Now I know that 1. TRUE love does exist and 2. that love is within us all, hidden away - you just have to dig. Thanks to Bizzie for not keeping this a secret but rather sharing the magic with us. My transformation is still in progress but I'm so proud to be on this journey with each of you.

Stephanie B.

I'm not flexible at all but I did much better than I thought I would. Even though it was challenging, it's the most fun I've ever had working out (and I've tried EVERYTHING).

Kimberly L.

Last night I stood in my living after my workout and cried telling my husband how much my body has changed. Buti came along at a time in my journey when I was pulling myself out of so many holes. This practice has given me so many tools to continue to rise to the light and out of my own self-made fear and anxiety. STICK WITH THIS. Show up, move, strive to empower others and love without discrimination.

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