Native Dance Workshop with Acoisa Red Elk

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Join Acosia Red Elk + B MVMNT for a Native Dance Workshop May 3rd 1-4PM

This 3 hour workshop includes native dance instruction, demonstration, history and 60 minute Buti® class with Acosia.

Acosia Red Elk is an Enrolled Member of the Umatilla Reservation in Northeastern Oregon. World Champion Jingle Dancer and Powwow Dance Teacher among many other things, Acosia began teaching Buti Yoga 3 years ago which guided her to finding her voice as a Wellness Leader. 

She is passionate about sharing Buti Yoga with Native American People and introducing it as a way to heal from Historical Trauma. Acosia teaches the healing benefits of yoga, movement and the power of thought and how these tools can be used daily to release toxic stress and reduce trauma held In the body.